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 Meet the team

Mariano Rodriguez

Mariano Rodriguez

Mariano Rodriguez, J.D., is the co-owner and founder of Inside Market Strategy (“IMS”). Prior to starting IMS, Mariano spent years in both the tech industry and sales management at AT&T. Mariano obtained his Juris Doctor degree from the top ranked UCLA School of Law.

He combines his love of law, technology, and sales to help you grow your business. Mariano specializes in SEO, Local SEO, and PPC campaigns.

His unique combination of legal, tech, and sales experience is an asset to anyone seeking a legal marketing specialist.

“I work closely with my clients to understand their needs. At IMS, we know that being a solo practitioner is daunting. You have to simultaneously practice law while running a business. Let IMS help you run your business so you can focus on being a lawyer.”

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We believe in exclusivity

Inside Market Strategy also sets itself apart by working either exclusively or semi-exclusively in your market. We believe in taking on only a limited number of clients per practice in a geographic area, so that we can give our clients the undivided attention they deserve.

In today’s legal marketplace, it’s more important than ever for solo practitioners and small firms to utilize effective legal marketing that delivers a big return on investment.

IMS can handle all of your online lawyer marketing needs.