A: No, not if you’re satisfied with your level of business and revenue, and your online portfolio accurately represents you and your practice. However, that is not the case for most attorneys. Even if your business is primarily a referral based business, you should remember that most referrals will research you online before calling. Therefore, having a strong online presence helps you solidify the referral lead even before they call your office.

FACT: James E. Blatt (not our client), Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, has practiced for over 20 years, gained both national and local exposure for his trial work, and litigated and won before the United States Supreme Court (Case: U.S. v. Bajakajian). Despite these accolades, his website ranks in the top 3 spots for the keyword: “Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney”, and he regularly runs a Google Adwords campaign.

According to a recent study conducted by Avvo, over 30% of those seeking legal services turn to the internet. Imagine positioning your brand so that you receive a portion of that 30%. At IMS, we strategically place you so that those seeking legal services in your community/practice area can easily find you.

A: So you only want “high-quality” leads? The fact is that no one can promise you only “high-quality” leads. With more online exposure comes more visits to your website, more phone calls, and ideally more people coming to your office. If your goal is to weed-out “low-quality” leads, we will work with you to implement several filters to minimize prospective client meetings that are unlikely to turn into clients.

FACT: Conversion design, which highlights your experience and gives visitors to your site an idea of what they can expect to pay, is a critical component to driving the right kind of traffic to your door.

A: You don’t necessarily need a new site. However, we encourage our clients to start a new site so that we can maximize it for SEO purposes. By starting a new site, it allows us to build it right, from the ground up. We use the latest technology to improve conversion (when people go to your site), download speed, readability, and overall user experience.

If your site is already well optimized, then creating a new site may be unnecessary. But even if your site looks good, it may be preventing you from ranking well due to structural problems.

A: Yes, you can. But remember, our SEO specialists have dedicated thousands of hours to learning all facets of SEO. We stay on top of the latest trends, best practices, and have the necessary engineering background to maximize a website for SEO. If you do your own SEO, you’ll be competing against other SEO professionals who dedicate themselves full-time to ranking their clients.

You know the old saying about the person who acts as his/her own attorney. The same applies here.

A: We’re sorry to hear that. At IMS, we take an “inside-out” approach, meaning we look at every aspect of your marketing funnel. We believe that it’s not enough to simply get you more online exposure. Instead, we look at your online presence, your client intake system, and work with you to ensure a higher close rate after your initial consultation with prospective clients.

A: Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, sales and marketing are a critical aspect of a successful law practice. Remember, being a great attorney is one part of the equation, and that’s the part you control. We help you with everything BEFORE the prospective client hires you.

A: To say that some lawyers don’t need marketing is misleading. All lawyers need marketing, it just depends on the type of marketing you can get. The best kind is positive word-of-mouth marketing, but that’s rare unless you have been practicing in your community for an extended period of time and built an outstanding reputation. While we encourage all attorneys to do that, we know that approach takes time (ballpark 15 – 20 years).

We are here to help “jump-start” the process, get you in front of people who have never heard of you, and convert those prospective client meetings into new clients that you will “wow” with your excellent lawyering skills.

A: We have the experience and proven track record. For example, Google: “Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney”, one of the most competitive keywords. You will see our client there. For more keywords that our clients rank for, call us.

A: Not if you do it right. Are Google Adwords expensive for attorneys? Yes. But remember, the key metric is return-on-investment (ROI). If the ROI is high, then it wasn’t expensive. In other words, let’s say you spend $10k in one-month on Google Ads, but that results in $40k of business. That’s a 400% ROI. That’s not expensive, that’s a no-brainer.

A: No. Here’s why. Assume you’re a criminal defense attorney and you hire us. After an initial period of time, you start receiving calls from people looking for lawyers on the internet. Assume you close just four leads per month, at an average of $3k per lead. You have just quadrupled our average monthly fee.

A: Those referrals you’re getting, how much do you pay for them? 20%? How are the attorneys “giving” you those referrals getting them in the first place? Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to get your own leads?