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Conversion Design

Conversion Centred Design

At IMS, we understand that driving more traffic to your website is only part of the challenge. What happens when a visitor lands on your site? That’s where conversion centered design comes in.

We customize our designs to ensure that your website traffic converts into high-quality leads and potential new business.

Our website are designed to promote conversion as well as providing great user experience. To discuss how we can serve all objectives, call us today for a free consultation.

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What is Conversion Design?

Great design with industry leading conversion techniques will help convert more of your site visitors into clients.

Good Conversion Design

  • Keeps Users Engaged
  • Converts visitors into clients
  • Promotes brand awareness

How we can help you

Our experienced design team combines the fundamentals of great design and industry leading conversion techniques to convert more of your site visitors into clients. We understand that attorneys spend a lot of time and money to drive quality traffic to their web sites.

Your design team at IMS will consider every aspect of the site visitor’s interaction to turn your website traffic into more revenue. We design your site so that your visitor’s attention stays focused on what we want them to do, pick up the phone and schedule a meeting with you.

A Scientific Approach

We don’t simply tell you that we will implement the latest technologies to ensure maximum conversion, we show you. Our team implements heatmap technology and engages in extensive A/B testing to take the guesswork out of driving more business to your door.

Heatmap technology allows us to understand how users are engaging with your site. With this data, we can then make strategic decisions regarding the placement of various elements. Understanding how visitors interact with the site allows us to make the necessary changes to ensure maximum return on your investment.




Once we understand how users engage with the site, we implement extensive A/B testing to fine-tune and maximize revenue. A/B testing consists of serving visitors slightly different versions of your site, to see which version performs better. Once we have acquired enough data, we pick the winning version to increase your bottom-line.


conversion design example

Improve your conversion rate

Using conversion centred design techniques will increase your conversion rate. At IMS, we know that clients want improved traffic and valuable leads. If you are a lawyer looking to improve your website conversion rate, call us for a free consultation at (800) 431 – 1665.