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We specialize in lawyer SEO.

Getting Internet leads is a great way to grow your practice. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows more people to find you online, which means more business for you.

Our SEO approach involves maximizing every part of your online presence to improve your rankings and overall visibility.

If you are seeking a search engine optimization consultant to improve your legal marketing, call us today for a free consultation.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), refers to the process of configuring your website, through on site and off site efforts, to maximize exposure via the various search engines.

Why lawyer SEO still matters

  • Over 30% of people find a lawyer online,
  • Getting customers via the web provides a great return on investment
  • The internet allows you to reach a wide audience even with a limited budget
  • Internet marketing allows you to gain customers by highlighting your expertise instead of pushy sales tactics

Keywords relevant
to your practice areas

better optimisation

better conversion
and interest

Which keywords are you optimizing for?

Before proceeding, it is important to understand the primary purpose of lawyer SEO. You want to make sure that customers find you for the most commonly Googled keywords.

For example, in Los Angeles the keyword term: “Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney” receives about 1,900 searches per month. There are variations of that keyword, such as Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer (480 searches per month), that also receive a lot of searches, but not nearly as much.

There are various tools you can use to get keyword volume data, but the best (and free) tool is the Google Keyword Planner in your Google Adwords account. With this free tool you can easily see the most searched terms for your practice areas.

When speaking to a lawyer SEO consultant, you should make sure that they will optimize your website for the most searched terms. Some SEO consultants will attempt to dissuade you from this, perhaps telling you that those terms are too competitive and you’re better off targeting lower volume keywords.

If you decide to target the lower volume keywords, make sure you know exactly how much volume that keyword receives monthly. For example, “criminal lawyer la” gets only 10 searches per month, compared to the 1,900 searches you get from Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

In short, be cautious when someone promises to get you on the first page quickly. Ranking for a competitive keyword takes time and there are no quick fixes that will produce positive long-term results.

What makes a good SEO campaign

The SEO landscape has changed considerably over the past few years. Gone are the days of thin content and shady link building. An intelligent campaign to improve lawyer SEO demands attention to all the following areas:

  • Link-building

    When we talk about link building, we mean building links from another site to your site. Links are a key Google ranking metric. But a link for just any website won’t work. Lawyer SEO has changed significantly over the past few years. In the past, attorney websites could have non-industry related links and still rank well. These days, links from random blogs can prevent you from ranking well. The links should ideally come from relevant legal websites. Having a lot of links from non-industry related sites can actually hurt performance.

    That’s where IMS can help. We construct your link portfolio to make sure your links are coming from the most relevant sites, thereby giving you the greatest SEO benefit.

  • Content

    You have probably heard the expression – “content is king.” No long-term SEO plan works without a solid content strategy. Read more here about how IMS can help you with a content strategy customized to fit your needs.

  • User Experience (UX)

    User experience is a critical lawyer SEO component. However, this concept is often misunderstood. UX can be explained best by looking at the three sub-components:

    • Site architecture
    • Readability
    • Site download speed

    Good site architecture allows your visitors to easily navigate through your site. If your
    visitors get lost while going through your site, they will likely go back to Google and find another attorney.

    An often overlooked component is site download speed. Google has made it clear that site download speed is a key metric for rankings. Moreover, most users will not wait more than 2 – 3 seconds for a site to download. When designing your site, we keep the user in mind to make sure they find your site and enjoy the experience after getting there.

Speak To An Experienced Lawyer SEO Consultant

At IMS, we will work with you to maximize every part of your online portfolio and improve your lawyer SEO.

We pride ourselves on taking a detailed orientated approach, to ensure the best possible results. Call us today at (800) 431-1665 to discuss your search engine optimization needs and what we can do to grow your business.