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Social Media

Use Social Media To Generate Leads

A social media strategy can help you gain exposure in your local market. Now more than ever people are using Facebook, Twitter, and G+ when searching for products and services.

Let IMS maximize your social media presence to help grow your business.

Creating valuable content across social networks attracts valuable attention. To discuss how we would help you with this call us today for a free consultation.

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Spread the word

Expose yourself to new audiences, stay connected to other attorneys and build an online following.

Social Networking Tips

  • Engage regularly with your followers
  • Always remain professional
  • Have a separate personal and professional account

Social Media – Do Lawyers Need It?

Attorneys often ask us if social media matters to attorneys. Before answering, lets talk about what social media does and doesn’t do.

First it’s not 100% clear that using social media actually helps with rankings. There are a few studies indicating that social media may be a factor Google considers, but there is no clear connection between social media and rankings at this time. With that said, it’s still wise to actively engage with social media.

Why it works

First, using social media consistently exposes you to a new audience. Moreover, social media is a great way to build an online following via either Facebook or Twitter.

The use of social media is also a great way to stay connected to other attorneys in your practice area, giving you potentially a plethora of free information.

At Inside Market Strategy, we not only set-up your entire social media portfolio, we constantly monitor it to maintain or improve your online reputation. Our focus is to build your online presence via social media to help give you more exposure and also build your brand.

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to “Tweet” or worry about Facebook likes to your business page, At IMS, we handle every aspect of your social media so that you can do what you do best – practice law.

Interact with individual followers

If you would like to further discuss your social media options and it’s advantages, call Inside Market Strategy today at (800) 431-1665 to discuss your best options.