What makes an attorney site conversion driven?


What makes an attorney site conversion driven?

  1. A Call-to-Action (CTA) button. This button is vital because it takes visitors to an online contact form that they can use to get their information to you. Make your CTA button offer an incentive, if you can – for example, if you offer free consultations to new clients, your button could say, “Start My Free Consultation” or “Speak to an attorney”
  1. Mobile responsiveness. A recent study shows that 65% of data is consumed on mobile devices instead of desktop computers. Additionally, data shows that over 50% of web searches are performed on mobile devices. Your web page needs to read just as well on a smartphone or a tablet as it does on a desktop.
  1. Add your picture. Potential clients like to see the face behind the firm. Just being able to see your face (or faces) can establish a personal connection with potential clients and create trust.
  1. Include a powerful headline. Your headline commands attention, so make it count. A headline can describe the kind of attorney you are; it can hook your clients and make them want to learn more about you. You may want to lead with your years of experience or any certifications you have, or you may want to let visitors know about the areas of law that you practice.
  1. Make sure your phone number is visible. Your phone number needs to stand out so visitors have no trouble finding it. It should be located in the top right section of your page, in a large, readable font. Use a color that stands out so it doesn’t get lost.
  1. Have a fast load time. People are all about speed – they don’t like to wait, and with today’s lightning-fast technology, they don’t have to. That’s why it’s no surprise to see data shows that consumers will abandon pages that take too long to load. “Too long” is really just a matter of seconds – the study showed that 40% of people will ditch a website that takes more than 3 seconds to come up. Make sure your site loads quickly and you’ll be able to snag – and keep – more viewers.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

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